Skin Salvation has won Best Eczema Range 2017! April 05 2017, 0 Comments


Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2017 - Best Eczema RangePurepotions is very proud to announce that our Skin Salvation range for dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin has won one of Natural Health International’s coveted Beauty Awards for 2017!

Our line of natural skincare products has been awarded Best Eczema Range, beating longer-established brands and both specialist and high street competitors.

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Expert Skincare Tips for Winter Skin January 11 2017, 0 Comments

Six Expert Skincare Tips for Winter Skin

1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment - 100% natural, safe and effective alternative to chemical based emollients. Suitable for those prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other dry skin conditionsAs the wintery chill descends and temperatures plummet you may need to take stock of your moisturising regime: the water-based cream moisturisers that have served you well throughout the summer well might not be offering enough protection in the icy winds of winter.

Think about switching to oil-based moisturisers which cover delicate, drying skin with a very fine film to lock in essential moisture;

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Is Purepotions’ Scar Oil Safe for Use in Pregnancy? September 19 2016, 0 Comments

Benefits of Rosehip Scar Oil

Rosehip Scar Oil - 100% natural, gentle, moisturising oil, particularly suitable for use on scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and ageing skin. Our Rosehip Scar Oil is a wonderful product for conditioning, smoothing and nourishing the skin; long-term use can benefit the appearance and condition of skin that has been damaged by eczema, radiation treatment, post-operative scarring or stretch marks. It works to smooth out uneven skin tone and also can also be used as a luxurious, natural facial oil for fragile, aging or dehydrated skin.

Regular application of nourishing oils after the end of pregnancy seems to be the most effective way of minimising the appearance of stretch marks, but there’s evidence to suggest that applying oils to areas liable to be affected by stretch marks during pregnancy itself can also help maintain the skin in soft, supple condition.

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How to Care For Dry Skin April 18 2016, 1 Comment

How to care for dry skin – some tips for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin!

Dry skin is extremely common and, for whatever reason - whether it's the ubiquity of central heating or growing numbers of people affected by allergies - it seems to be a hot issue at the moment. Whether mild or severe, most people are affected by dry skin at some point in their lives; you only need to look at the number of creams on the market specifically aimed at caring for dry and sensitive skin to be convinced of that!

When considering how to look after dry skin, it is important to remember that the skin varies considerably on different parts of the body. For example, did you know that the skin on the soles of your feet is 6mm thick, whilst the skin on your eyelids is only 0.5mm?

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Allergy Awareness Week March 09 2016, 0 Comments

Allergy Awareness Week is 24th April - 1st May 2016


Allergy UK - Allergy Awareness WeekAllergy Awareness Week is run annually by Allergy UK to draw attention to the issues faced by allergy sufferers.

During the week they’ll be running various fundraising events and generally raising awareness of the way people are affected by all kinds of allergies. Allergy UK’s helpline will be open for calls on 01322 619 89 so that people will be able to get individual advice about their own conditions. People can also download fact sheets about all aspects of allergy from the website:

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Dry Skin Around The Eyes February 26 2016, 2 Comments

Struggling to identify what is causing the dry skin around your eyes?

Sensitive or dry skin around the eyes is a very common problem. The skin in this area is very thin and delicate; it can be particularly susceptible to getting itchy or dry even if you are unaffected by skin problems elsewhere on your body.

So What Might Be Causing It?

There are a number of possibilities; if your skin has flared up it is very important to make a note of any products you have used around this area over the last 24-48 hours. Have you tried something new?

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Dry, Itchy, Flaky Scalp? February 16 2016, 0 Comments

Dry, itchy scalp driving you round the bend?

Having very dry or sensitive skin is hard enough wherever it appears on your body but when it’s your head that’s affected, it can be much harder to deal with, both practically and psychologically. Huge numbers of people have extra sensitive skin on the head and while for some it can be a mild or temporary inconvenience, for others it’s a persistent and sometimes embarrassing problem that can seem very hard to cope with. Medicated shampoos are often suggested for use on extremely dry or flaky scalps and while these are widely available on the high street, might they be causing more problems than they solve?

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Aqueous Cream for Dry Skin February 15 2016, 0 Comments

What Is Aqueous Cream?

Aqueous cream is a water-based emollient which is made from a combination of water with an emulsifying ointment, usually containing paraffin as well as preservatives and antiseptics. It is a light, non-greasy white cream.


What Is The Problem With Using Aqueous Creams?

Aqueous Cream contains sodium lauryl sulfate, paraffin oil and white soft paraffinThe problem with aqueous cream is to do with its use as an emollient, not as a wash-off cleanser, because emollients are left on the skin. Aqueous creams contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a known skin irritant.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)* have both issued warnings against using aqueous cream as emollients, especially on the extra sensitive skin of children.

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Hemp Cream for Dry Skin January 13 2016, 1 Comment

A Super Seed!

Hemp Seed Oil is packed with essential fatty acids - Skin Salvation Moisturising OintmentHemp: it’s known as a miracle herb, a cure-all, a plant verging on the sacred! There are all kinds of claims made for hemp’s magical powers and certainly it’s been used for centuries to maintain general health and happiness.

But here’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question: can it keep dry skin healthy, soft and supple?

Certainly there are hundreds of skincare creams and lotions that contain hemp seed oil extracted from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. This is definitely not to be confused with its more potent sibling which is derived from the leaves of the plant; in fact hemp seed oil contains only insignificant amounts of psychoactive elements so is perfectly safe and legal to use in skincare!

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Best Hand Cream for Sore Hands January 11 2016, 0 Comments

Caring for Sore Hands

Best Hand Cream for EczemaCaring for hard-working hands can be an absolute nightmare if your day-to-day routine means that you’re putting them through the wringer on a regular basis.

Hands that come into contact with irritants or allergens or even those which are in hard water for prolonged periods of time can be particularly prone to soreness; they benefit from skincare products that are specially formulated to be as gentle but as effective as possible.

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Best Cream for Dry Skin on the Face December 21 2015, 0 Comments

The best cream for dry skin on the face is one that moisturises, soothes and nourishes but above all is gentle enough not to damage delicate skin around your eyes and mouth. Here’s our guide to choosing the cream that’s right for you.

Purepotions customer Elena Haydon - How Skin Salvation worked for herDry or sensitive skin can be hard enough to live with at the best of times but when the dry or flaky skin happens to be on your face it can feel both physically and mentally overwhelming. There’s not just the soreness and redness to deal with but also the frustration and embarrassment of it being so obvious! It means that the quest to find the very best and most effective cream for dry skin on your face becomes not just a casual search but a total necessity.

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The Best Cream for Dry Skin December 01 2015, 0 Comments

Anyone who’s struggled to manage dry or flaky skin will have asked themselves over and over how to find the best cream for their own particular skin type. The answer is very clear: the best cream for eczema is the one you feel happiest using every day.

Finding That Perfect Skincare Cream

But how do you go about finding that perfect cream for your particular skin type? Let’s start by looking at what you want a moisturising cream to do..

Eczema prone skinMoisturising regularly and effectively is absolutely key to maintaining skin in tip top condition.

So your quest for the best cream for you, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin, should start with one that will provide effective hydration.

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Vote for Purepotions in Healthy Magazine "Brand of the Year" Award! September 29 2015, 0 Comments

Purepotions has been shortlisted to win
the Brand of the Year award
by Healthy Magazine...

We would so love to win! Please help us out by voting for us. Only takes a couple of seconds and you could win £150 to spend at Holland and Barrett.

You can vote for us in section 9 under "Brand of the Year" - please ask all your friends and family to vote too! Thank you for your support.


Dry Skin Cream in London September 22 2015, 1 Comment

Fighting dry skin in London

Where would you go to find high quality skincare creams, salves and oils in London? More and more people are suffering with sensitive skin conditions, particularly in busy cities like London with pollution levels high and lifestyles often involving stress.

Well it could be Purepotions to the rescue as we have been working hard to increase the availability of our amazing dry skin friendly products in London.

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Cradle cap in babies September 20 2015, 0 Comments

What is cradle cap?

Cradle cap in babies, toddlers, severe cradle cap, what is cradle capCradle cap is a very common, harmless skin condition that appears on the scalp of young babies and sometimes toddlers. Yellow scaly patches of skin form on the scalp, which in time turn to crusty flakes and fall off.

So what is cradle cap in babies?

There are several possible causes of cradle cap, the most likely of which are the hormones passed from mother to baby after birth, which create an excess of sebum in the baby and this is what forms the yellow, crusty patches on the scalp. Usually, over the first few months, the baby excretes these hormones and the cradle cap disappears.

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The Hunt for the Perfect Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin September 01 2015, 3 Comments

A cream that feeds the body with essential nutrients inside while effectively moisturising skin on the outside: that’s our answer to “what’s the perfect cream for dry, sensitive skin?”

This is exactly what we have created in our Skin Salvation Daily Moisturiser…sounds like a brave claim doesn’t it? This is why…

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Chamomile Baby Oil is a Winner! August 05 2015, 0 Comments

We are delighted to announce that our wonderful Chamomile Baby Oil has won an award!

Chamomile Baby Oil was declared winner of the

Best Baby Massage Oil


The Beauty Shortlist Baby Awards 2015

To find out more about our Baby Range please visit our Baby Range page.



School Holidays July 28 2015, 0 Comments

The Work / Kids Juggling Act

I love the summer holidays. Breaking up brings a great sense of relief as there are no more school runs to think about, no more packed lunches, remembering of PE kits, who has homework due in and which school trip we have forgotten about…it is a proper break for the brain, much needed by parents, teachers and kids alike.


It's Summer holiday time - how do you balance working from home and childcare

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Purepotions at The Allergy & Free From Show 2015 June 28 2015, 0 Comments

If you, or someone you know, suffers with any kind of allergies, don't miss out on The Allergy & Free From Show at London Olympia; packed full of allergy friendly solutions, products, food and expert advice.

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Skincare and Diet June 08 2015, 0 Comments

Skincare and Diet – what are the rules?

Silly question really isn’t it?! As any trying to look after their skin will know, there are no standard rules that apply to everyone; as everyone's skin is unique and what they eat will affect them in many and varied ways! However, there are some good basic guidelines for a diet that will help keep your skin healthy, and which stand a good chance of making a difference to its condition.

Processed foods:

For anyone really serious about the health of their skin, processed foods are a no-no. Processed foods are those which have been drastically altered from their natural state, often through chemical processes that change how they look, last or taste. There are so many reasons why these kinds of foods can be damaging, but in the context of a skin-friendly diet a major problem is the effect they can have on your gut and digestive system.

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Paraffin Cream May 29 2015, 0 Comments

Paraffin cream…good or bad?

Paraffin Wax Treatments from 1917I don’t know about you, but I have always struggled with the whole idea of putting petroleum-based or paraffin cream on my skin.

I know such creams are widely available and often even prescribed by GPs but I was brought up in a time when paraffin was always kept out of reach of children and was only brought out to light the bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night or to get the barbeque going; I have never quite made peace in my head with the idea of using it as part of a skincare regime!

So I decided to do some research into its origins. Where did it come from and who decided it was a useful ingredient in skincare products?

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Allergy Testing May 07 2015, 1 Comment

Testing for Allergies

Many Purepotions customers come to us because they suffer from various types of sensitivities and allergies and therefore have to be super cautious about the products they put on their skin; they know that our gentle, natural skincare products are unlikely to cause a flare-up while helping to maintain and protect healthy, hydrated and supple skin. But what can be a trigger? Actually identifying specific allergy triggers can be a challenging task though, given the sheer numbers and combinations of foods or other substances that might be the culprit. Allergy testing, if done correctly, can be a useful tool to help identify things that should be avoided.

Identifying Allergies - What types of tests are available?

There are several types of allergy testing available, all of which need to be carried out by a healthcare professional or trained allergy specialist. Testing for allergies is safe but should be taken very seriously and never carried out at home without medical help or advice available.

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At Purepotions we’re all about the Bees May 05 2015, 0 Comments

Mind your own Beeswax!

Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment- a natural solution for those prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other dry, sore skin conditionsWith summer just about to break into bloom, here at Purepotions we’re all about the bees! That’s because beeswax made by honey bees plays a crucial part in the formulation of Skin Salvation, our thick, intensively-moisturising ointment and the heart of our dry skin range.

Beeswax creates a soothing barrier that locks moisture in and helps keep external irritants out, as well as having unique antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that work marvels for sore skin. So of course we want to source the best.But that doesn’t necessarily mean organic, despite our firm commitment to using only the purest ingredients, products that are kind to both skin and environment. While most of the oils and tinctures we use are indeed organic, where beeswax is concerned we prefer to keep it local.

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Dry Skin in Babies and Keeping Children's Skin Healthy April 28 2015, 1 Comment

Dry skin in babies and toddlers: how to keep children’s skin happy and healthyin babies

Coping with skin that can be itchy, red and sore isn't the preserve of adults: babies can also have dry skin that needs a little extra looking after.

All of us, from tiny babies to centenarians, have our own unique skin type. Maybe you have a tendency towards dry lips or itchy eyes, or maybe your hands get very dehydrated with daily washing: whatever its particular challenges, it is crucial to find the right products to look after your precious skin. And nothing is more precious than the delicate skin of a baby.


1 in 5 children suffer from extremely dry skin

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