Spring Skin - it's not that simple for problem skin March 21 2015, 0 Comments

The sun is coming out - are you dreading it?


The sun is coming out…but are you dreading it?

I don't want to speak too soon but…the sun has definitely put in a couple of appearances here in Brighton over the last few weeks and rumour has it we are set to have a lovely hot Easter weekend...hooray...or maybe not?

Sunshine is so good for the soul, it picks us up after months of everything looking so grey and fills us with fresh energy and hope. The flowers are pushing their way up through the earth, outside activities are possible again, and we can leave coats and scarves at home.

But for those of us with troublesome skin the warmer weather can bring a sense of dread at the prospect of showing bare arms and legs; months of cold weather and central heating may have played with our sensitive skin and ramped up the frequency of the flare-ups of our dry skin conditions.


It's all very well when you see blogs and magazines talking about getting your skin ready for Spring and Summer but for many this just adds insult to injury. Living with long-term skin conditions can have a huge affect on one's emotional well-being, especially at a time of year when all of the shops are filling window displays with sleeveless tops and tiny little shorts, so  often a daunting prospect for those of us with flaky, reddened skin.


Spring Skin advertising and the effect on those suffering from skin problems

Well sadly we can’t miraculously change big retailers marketing policies and we can’t wave a magic wand and give anyone clear skin but what we CAN do is offer understanding and acknowledgement for anyone who struggles to show bare skin when the sun comes out. You are not alone! In fact we are the majority, we just don’t necessarily shout about it…maybe we should!


understanding the struggle of skin issues


The media has a lot to answer for, presenting as ‘perfect’ body, skin and hair, which is in fact airbrushed and heavily treated. It's a dangerous message, based as it is in fantasy not reality, and yet the marketing machines convince us we 'should' look like this. Let’s help teach our young ones that the images we see in magazines aren't real or desirable. Only a tiny fraction of the population is actually blessed with perfect skin: even catwalk models are known to use thick foundation to cover spots and blemishes. The truth is that those of us with complicated skin - be it dry, sensitive, oily or a combination of all three! - are in the majority: we're gearing up to sunshine but we're armed with lotions and potions to keep our beautiful if complicated skin happy and healthy!

We love this video of Sonia Singh, the lady who set up Tree Change Dolls. She takes highly made up, fashion, sexualized dolls and removes all their make up and makes them new ‘girls’ outfits for little girls to play with. We have a huge responsibility to make sure our young people know what real beauty is.

Sonia Singh - artist who developed the Tree Change Dolls