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Lavender For Your Skin

Lavender For Your Skin

Lavandula angustifolia, known more simply as lavender, has been a staple of cottage gardens and European herbal lore for centuries, and with its gorgeous bluey-pink flowers and deeply relaxing scent it’s easy to see why! It’s a remarkably versatile plant: lavender flowers have traditionally been used in perfumery, in cooking to flavour biscuits and conserves, as room fresheners in potpourri or in pretty little sachets to keep clothes fresh in drawers, in aromatherapy to promote calm and restful sleep and in herbal medicine to relieve anxiety or headaches.

And lavender also has a big part to play when used topically in skincare products, usually in the form of essential oil. This is a pure super-concentrated oil produced by steam distillation from the flower heads, which is then blended with a base to make all kinds of lotions and potions.

Here are some reasons why we love using lavender at Purepotions:

It’s Brilliant For Beating The Bugs

Both antibacterial and antifungal, lavender’s antimicrobial properties are particularly good for combating the bacteria that inflame acne, and also for helping to prevent infection in small cuts, minor burns, insect bites, grazes and nappy rash.

It Promotes Healing Of Burns

Used routinely in both traditional and alternative medicine to reduce scarring after burns, lavender oil or ointment can be applied regularly to minor burns to help stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.

It’s Amazingly Relaxing

Lavender makes an excellent addition to calming body oils, so it’s perfect for baby massage, end-of-the-day foot rubs or when added to relaxing evening baths.

It’s Anti-aging

Lavender essential oil seems to work as an amazing anti-ageing agent by suppressing degenerative changes, battling free radicals and countering damaging effects of UV radiation, making it a great addition to facial oils and salves.

It Fights The Itch

One of the key components of lavender essential oil, linalool, seems to have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which would certainly explain why it appears to reduce itchiness and pain and is the reason we add it to our nappy salve.

Purepotions uses beautifully pure organic lavender essential oil in the following products:

Lavender Nappy Salve
Lavender Rescue Salve
Skin Salvation Bath & Body Emollient Oil
Cooling Cream
Intensive Facial Oil
Chamomile Baby Oil
Scar Oil

As so many of our customers have extremely sensitive skin, we advise caution with any skincare product you’re trying for the first time. Luckily, lavender is a very low-risk skin allergen, so even those who are sensitive to other essential oils may well be able to tolerate it, but as we always say, don’t skip the patch test!


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