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Meet the Purepotions Team

Meet the Purepotions Team

We’d like to say a big HELLO! to our customers from all of us here at Purepotions HQ! We’re a small team, making our lotions and potions by hand in Brighton, and we love what we do! The team - most of whom are in this photo! - includes mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, friends and partners, so we end up having a lot of fun at the office.

We’re all deeply committed to the Purepotions goal to bring effective skincare to anyone who needs it, whether we’re working in production, despatch, accounts, sales, press or marketing. That’s because we love what we make! Many of us are parents whose children have benefited from Skin Salvation, but, parents or not, we all have our particular favourites from the Skin Salvation range and are firm fans of natural skincare.

So we know what works and we’re here to help; if you’ve got any questions about the brand or individual products, just give us a shout!

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