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These gentle, natural products are ideal for those wanting to avoid harsh, artificial chemicals on their babies' delicate skin.

Both our Lavender Nappy Salve and Chamomile Baby Oil are suitable for all ages and for all over use but have been specially formulated to be extra gentle for the precious, sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. They can be used as part of a daily skincare regime, cleaning nappy areas, during and after bathing and for baby massage. The oils and herbs we use are mild, gentle and effective for maintaining soft, well-moisturised skin.


Lavender Nappy Salve - suitable for nappy rash, dribble rash, chapped skin and cradle cap by Purepotions Skincare
Lavender Nappy Salve

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Chamomile Baby Oil - a natural replacement to a mainstream mineral bath oil - providing moisture during bathing, for baby massage and as a substitute for chemical based baby wipes for nappy changing by Purepotions Skincare.
Chamomile Baby Oil

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Scar Oil with Rosehip is a gentle, natural, moisturising oil, particularly suitable for use on scars, stretch marks
Scar Oil with Rosehip

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Organic Ingredients - Made with love

Is Purepotions' Scar Oil Safe For Use In Pregnancy?

Our Rosehip Scar Oil is a wonderful product for conditioning, smoothing and nourishing the skin; long term use can benefit the appearance and condition of skin that has been damaged by post operative scarring or stretch marks as it works to smooth out uneven skin tone and can also be used as a luxurious, natural oil for fragile or dehydrated skin.

Regular application of nourishing oils after the need of pregnancy seems to be the most effective way of minimising the appearance of stretch marks, but there is evidence to suggest that applying oils to areas liable to be affected by stretch marks during pregnancy itself can also help maintain the soft, supple condition.

Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 as well as the nutrient provitamin A, all of which are great at maintaining the skin's elasticity and aiding the regenerative process.

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Please note that Purepotions are not medical professionals; if you have any concerns about using this product during pregnancy please seek advice from your GP or health practitioner. Scar Oil can be used on stretch marks after your baby has been born; this is an excellent time to work on conditioning your skin and giving it the very best of natural care!

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Break the itch scratch cycle
Safe for use on babies & children

No known side effects
No known side effects

Safe for babies and children
Gentle, pure and natural


Creates protective barrier
Can also be used on adults prone to dry skin, shaving rash, etc.

Replenishes skin
Repels water to protect against dampness

No Parabens No Preservatives No Perfumes
No parabens. No preservatives. No perfumes


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Customer Review for Lavender Nappy Salve"Lavender Nappy Salve really changed our lives."


Customer Review for Lavender Nappy Salve"Thank you for the amazing nappy balm, it is like nothing else...!"