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Join The Fight On Eczema

We Know You've Had Enough! We have too.

While eczema is a condition that cannot be cured, we can certainly battle against its symptoms with all our collective might. That’s why we are launching our Fight On Eczema campaign and asking YOU to join us in beating the unbearable itch!

Why Join The Fight?

Become part of a community that supports each other and offers advice on how to manage dry, sensitive or inflamed skin, discussing triggers and treatments for those who live with eczema and similar conditions.

We won’t shy away from the controversy; we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest developments and how some conventional treatments can aggravate flare-ups, and getting the facts straight about problematic approaches to managing eczema.

Get Involved

  • Become part of a community - share your opinions and experiences to help others
  • Real-life stories - watch, share and feature in stories from people living with eczema
  • Receive expert advice - practical, down-to-earth support from skincare experts, covering topics such as avoiding triggers, choosing an emollient, managing flare-ups and looking at diet
  • Join the Purepotions Panel - share your experiences and opinions and help spread awareness of alternatives to conventional treatments and be part of the change.

So How Do I Join?

The best way to join the fight on eczema is to fill in the form below. We will then send you regular updates and advice on how you can get involved.

Other Ways To Join The Fight 

YouTube: Click here to see the YouTube channel

Facebook: Click here to go to Facebook