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Anyone who’s struggled to manage severely dry or itchy skin will have asked themselves over and over how to find the best cream for their eczema. The answer, according to the NHS website is very clear: the best cream for eczema is the one you feel happiest using every day.

Finding That Perfect Eczema Cream

But how do you go about finding that perfect cream for your particular eczema? Let’s start by looking at what you want an eczema cream to do.

Eczema prone skin

Eczema and other similar dry skin conditions affect the outer layers of skin and are primarily a problem with loss of moisture; the dryness that results can cause itching and damage to the skin.

Moisturising regularly and effectively is absolutely key to controlling the condition.

Eczema prone skinSo your quest for the best cream for eczema should start with one that will provide effective hydration.

A good moisturiser such as our Skin Salvation Range aims to nourish the outer layers of skin by forming a protective, water-resistant barrier to lock moisture in.

Eczema prone skinOur Intensive Moisturising Ointment uses natural beeswax to form a thin protective layer and prevent water from escaping from the skin. You can apply it thickly after an evening bath or shower and it will work overnight to keep that moisture from evaporating and the skin from drying out.

Beeswax is an amazing, gentle, water-proof substance that has been the basis of the best traditional eczema creams for centuries. Our wonderful new Daily Moisturising Cream works in a similar way but using luxurious shea butter to retain water.


How to Protect From Further Damage

The next thing you want your best eczema cream to do is to provide protection from further damage.

Very dry, raw and broken skin is open to various kinds of irritants and allergens, and without its protective epidermis can end up being very itchy and sore indeed.

More itching means more damage and so the cycle continues. So the very best eczema creams also form a protective layer not just to keep water in but to keep irritants out.


Eczema prone skinEczema prone skin

The beeswax and shea butter we use in our products are both waxy enough to work in this way. They allow the skin to heal and begin to regenerate, acting as a soothing, calming layer in place of the damaged epidermis.




Finally, the most important quality of any eczema cream is, as the NHS suggests, usability. The National Eczema Society agrees: they say that the best emollient is the one that you’re prepared to use daily. Moisturising is so important in the treatment of eczema that it needs to be done very frequently and very regularly; it’s no good at all having a product that you don’t actually like, feels unpleasant on your skin or aggravates the discomfort. It is vital when looking for the best eczema cream that you pick one that feels soothing and you enjoy using so that you re-apply it every few hours and keep your skin as soft and supple as possible.

People have different preferences: some like thick, waxy, protective ointments like our Intensive Moisturising Ointment; some swear by soft creamy lotions like the Daily Moisturising Cream; other still prefer nourishing oils like our Skin Salvation Bath and Body Oil which can be applied directly to very sore or broken skin with the absolute minimum of rubbing in.

Every dry skin condition is as unique as the person who is suffering; whichever your own particular preference is, make sure that the moisturiser you chose is the best eczema cream for you.