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Free from artificial chemicals, perfumes and parabens, our Dry Skin Range
of products are natural, soothing and nourishing solutions to your troubled skin.
A steroid free way to break the itch scratch cycle and give you a really good night’s sleep.

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Win the full Dry Skin Range from Purepotions Skincare

Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment 60ml:

100% natural this rich ointment is deeply moisturising and nourishing. The Beeswax base forms a semi-occlusive barrier on the skin, locking in moisture for longer and keeping external irritants out.

Hemp Oil feeds essential fatty acids into the skin whilst tinctures of Chamomile, Nettle, Chickweed and Calendula help to combat the itchiness and redness associated with dry skin.

Win the full Dry Skin Range from Purepotions Skincare

Skin Salvation Bath & Body Oil 200ml:

A natural alternative to mainstream bath emollients. Perfect for taking the drying effects out of bathing or as a body oil for after the shower.

Skin Salvation Bath & Body Oil can be added to the bath or applied direct to the skin after bathing or showering for a gentle and nourishing moisture boost.

100% natural and rich in hemp oil, this oil feeds essential fatty acids into the skin to help maintain a healthy skin balance.

Win the full Dry Skin Range from Purepotions Skincare

Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream 100ml:

Brand new to the Skin Salvation range, all the nutrients of the Moisturising Ointment but in a lighter cream version with shea butter for daytime use.

Our Daily Moisturising Cream is free from perfumes and parabens and is a safe and effective product for keeping skin moisturised wherever you are.

Also available in 400ml size (not included in this offer)

Win the full Dry Skin Range from Purepotions Skincare

Skin Salvation Intensive Hand Cream 50ml:

Another new product to the range, this natural hand cream is rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, vital for the maintenance of healthy skin.

With nourishing sea buckthorn this cream is perfect for those suffering with contact dermatitis, split skin or hand eczema.

Free from perfumes and parabens so gentle on the skin but deeply nourishing and moisturising.

Win the full Dry Skin Range from Purepotions Skincare

Skin Salvation Scalp Oil 50ml:

For many, dry skin on the scalp can be a really difficult problem to solve. This natural Scalp Oil contains borage, which is high in GLA (gamma linoleic acids) and also anti-inflammatory properties.

By feeding nutrients into the skin this oil can really help to stop the problem reoccurring without stripping the scalp of its natural oils.

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The Skin Salvation Intensive Moisterising Ointment has been a complete life saver!!! I ordered this ointment and immediately started to see an improvement. Now my skin is completely clear, due to other changes too but I know is hugely down to this product. Thank you so much! And I'm so pleased too with the daily moisturiser as it's so much lighter to wear in the daytime.
Iggy Cummins

Bought the new hand cream for my daughter's excema. It rubs in much easier than the ointment and provides great hydration, so much so I've been using it too. Handbag essential!
Zoe Wilson

I bought this cream for my granddaughter brilliant on her skin very soothing.
Jean Emberton


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