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Expert Skincare Tips for Winter Skin

Expert Skincare Tips for Winter Skin

1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment - 100% natural, safe and effective alternative to chemical based emollients. Suitable for those prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other dry skin conditionsAs the wintery chill descends and temperatures plummet you may need to take stock of your moisturising regime: the water-based cream moisturisers that have served you well throughout the summer well might not be offering enough protection in the icy winds of winter.

Think about switching to oil-based moisturisers which cover delicate, drying skin with a very fine film to lock in essential moisture; without the extra protection of the oil the top layer of skin can dehydrate rapidly in cold, dry weather, leaving it sore, red or prone to cracking.

Overnight moisturising with oil-based balms is a particularly good way of keeping your face in tip top condition over the winter: just smooth on a nourishing balm last thing at night after cleansing, and leave on until the morning, letting it do its hydration thing while you snooze away the hours!

We recommend: Purepotions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment, 30/60/120ml


2. Beware Of What You Wear!

Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream - a shea butter based version of our fabulous intensive moisturising ointmentOne of the worst things for both mood and skin health is overdressing in cold weather. You might think that that cosy, Scandinavian woollen jumper is exactly what you need to beat the chill but it could end up making you miserable, irritable and itchy once you’re in a centrally-heated environment. It’s much more sensible to dress in many thin, easily-removable layers that you can adjust throughout the day, rather than one or two extra-warm garments. Think several fine layers of merino or cotton jersey rather than wool or polyester, both of which can lead to itchiness or even eczema flare-ups.

We recommend: Purepotions Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream, 100ml

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3. Handy for Hands!

Skin Salvation Intensive Hand Cream - a gentle but effective moisturising cream is vital for daily maintenance of hard-working handsTake care that your hands stay warm and dry: gloves and socks are particularly prone to getting damp in rain or snow which can really aggravate dry skin issues. Apply hand cream every time you wash your hands: it’s the best way of keeping the dryness under control.

It’s the constant changing from wet to dry that strips the hands off their essential natural oils so treat your hands with love and pop a little tube of hand cream in your handbag! Healthcare workers, cleaners, gardeners and those doing a lot of washing-up can really benefit from regular applications of nourishing cream.

And don’t worry about the name: you can pamper your feet with hand cream as well! Apply a good nourishing hand cream last thing at night and, if your feet are particularly prone to dryness or cracked heels, put a thin comfortable pair of socks on over the top to help the cream work its magic overnight.

We recommend: Purepotions Skin Salvation Seabuckthorn Hand Cream, 50ml


4. Bathing Beauty

Skin Salvation Bath and Body Emollient Oil - 100% natural alternative to steroid based emollientsIt’s always tempting to soak away your cares at the end of a tiring winter day in a lovely long hot bubble bath but try to resist! Prolonged exposure to really hot water - especially combined with soap - is a surefire way of stripping the natural oils from the skin and leaving it dry and damaged.

Shorter, warm baths or showers are better to keep the skin supple and in good condition. Best to avoid bubbles or soap-based cleansers altogether and keep things au natrel, so that you avoid exposing skin to potentially irritating perfumes, preservatives or other additives that they might be especially sensitive to in colder weather.

If your skin is really suffering from the winter blues, try the old sock filled with oats trick: fill it up with ordinary porridge oats, tie off the end and let it release the softening oaty goodness into the bath.

After a bath or shower you have five to ten minutes before your skin’s hydration levels really start to drop so catch the moment! Pat skin dry gently and moisturise all over with natural body oil or a good emollient body cream to lock in the moisture and prevent the skin from drying out.

We recommend: Purepotions Skin Salvation Bath & Body Oil, 200ml


5. Blow Away The Cobwebs

Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream - a shea butter based version of our fabulous Intensive Moisturising OintmentGet some fresh air! Central heating can play havoc with sensitive skin so do open the window occasionally and avoid prolonged stays inside with central heating on full blast. Definitely think about turning radiators right down at night: it’s better for your skin to be wrapped up in blankets than have a home heated so ferociously that you’re able to sit inside in a vest top in the middle of winter.

If you do have heating on a lot (especially if you’re struggling with a cold or cough) then it might be worth humidifying the house with bowls of hot water dotted around the place. Add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils to scent the room and help clear the airways! Peppermint, clove, orange and neroli are all good ones to banish the winter gloom.

Keep legs, arms and body moisturised with a good all-over body lotion.

We recommend: Purepotions Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream, 100ml

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6. Keep lips kissable!

Skin Salvation Intensive Lip Balm - all-natural, unfragranced lip balm is ideal for those with dry, allergy-prone and sensitive skinThe skin on your lips doesn’t produce its own moisturising and protective oils like other areas of the body so lip balm can help keep parched lips smooth, soft and conditioned.

Factor in the wind chill on top of central heating and kissing under the mistletoe becomes rather less appealing... You might need frequent topping up through the day to prevent chapped lips becoming cracked and sore so keep a little tube of balm to hand at all times.

We recommend: Purepotions Intensive Lip Balm, 5g